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Asylum Filing Attorney Resources

What do you need help with?

Checklist for Filing for Asylum

Timeline for Affirmative Afghan Asylum

What is Asylum?

Understanding the Elements of Asylum

Filling out I-589

Filling out G-28

Cover Letter

Affidavit's and Explanation for Unavailability of Documents

Online Filing Tips

Filing Checklist

Best Practices for Working with Traumatized Clients

Guide to First Client Meeting

Tips on Working With an Interpreter

How to Guide Your Client

What to Look For

Preparation Templates

Sample Questions

Asylum Bars Explained

TRIG Bars to Asylum

Flagging Asylum Bars

Resources and Tools to Complete Country Conditions Research

Possible Outcomes

What to do if Approved


Basics of Asylum Resources

Attorney Timeline for Affirmative Afghan Asylum

Source: VECINA

Elements of Asylum Law

Source: VECINA

Sources of Asylum Law and Procedure

Source: VECINA

Affirmative Asylum Filing Checklist of Documents

Source: VECINA

What is Persecution

Source: VECINA

Frequently Asked Questions and Common Issues Raised in Afghan Asylum Pro Se+ Project

Source: HIAS

Guide to Client Documentation

Source: Migration and Refugee Services

Proving Nexus

Source: VECINA

Human Rights First’s Project Afghan Legal Assistance Dropbox of Resources, which includes resources related to asylum, special immigrant visas, family reunification, public benefits and social services, screenings and trainings, translations, templates and sample affidavits, and more.

Source: HIAS


Working With Afghan Clients

Guide to First Client Meeting

Source: VECINA

Working With an Interpreter

Source: VECINA

Best Practices for Working With Traumatized Clients

Source: VECINA

Translation of Documents Guide

Source: VECINA


Bars to Asylum and Common Issues

TRIG and Persecutor Bar Explainer

Source: National Immigrant Justice Center

Sample Asylum Bar Questions

Source: VECINA

Flagging Asylum Bars for Afghan Cases

Source: VECINA

TRIG Handout

Source: VECINA


Form I-589, G-28, Cover Letter, and other Documentation

Sample G-28 Form

Source: VECINA

Asylum Cover Letter Template Annotated

Source: VECINA

Explanation of Unavailability of Documents Template

Source: VECINA

Sample Table of Contents

Source: VECINA

Second Annotated Afghan Sample I-589

Source: HIAS

Annotated Afghan
Sample I-589

Source: HIAS

Affidavit in Support of I-589 Template

Source: VECINA


Declaration in Support of Asylum & Memorandum of Law

Asylum Declaration Template

Source: VECINA

Sample Asylum Office Memorandum of Law

Source: VECINA

Sample Afghan Declaration

Source: VECINA

Sample Annotated Afghan Declaration

Source: HIAS


Preparing the Asylum Packet

I-589 Online Filing Tips

Source: VECINA

Affirmative Asylum Filing Checklist

Source: VECINA

Country Conditions Research

Country Conditions Research Explainer

Source: VECINA

Afghan Country Conditions: Comprehensive Listing

Archived Afghan Country Conditions Updates

Comprehensive Listing by Topic beginning 10/22/2021

Researched and compiled by Cyndy Levy, graduate of VIISTA (Villanova Interdisciplinary Immigration Studies Training for Advocates). Sponsored by VECINA and Villanova Strategic Initiative Group on Migration, and in collaboration with ASYLOS, ARC FOUNDATION, and CLIFFORD CHANCE, to assist in the preparation of Humanitarian Parole and Asylum applications and appeals.

Sample Annotated Table of Contents
Country Conditions Research | Afghan Reports



Country conditions exhibits demonstrating the threats to Afghans who are members of ethnic minority groups. 

Country conditions exhibits demonstrating the targeting of members of certain professions in Afghanistan.

Country conditions exhibits demonstrating the threats to Afghans who assisted U.S. and NATO missions.

Women and


Country conditions exhibits demonstrating the persecution of women and girls in Afghanistan.


Preparing for the Interview

Preparing for an Asylum Office Interview

Source: Immigrant Justice Organization

Asylum Office Interview Preparation Guide

Source: David A. Clarke School of Law
Immigration and Human Rights Clinic


After the Interview

Possible Outcomes

Source: VECINA

So you've been granted Asylum!

Source: HIAS